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we'll get to the details of the brave, bittersweet military operation in just a moment. first a look at some of the other stories we are following for you this morning. >> international singing sensation poised for main stream stardom believed killed in a plane crash in mexico. her grieving fan and how her family want her to be remembered. >> tragic story. also this morning, it is being called redneck reality. that's right. a growing genre of reality shows focusing on a slice of life not often seen on tv. why some say this so-called entertainment portrays the south in a negative light. he is called johnny football. now he has a cool new trophy to go along with that cool nickname. what this college freshman has accomplished that no other athlete before him has ever done. but first want to get to new details about the american doctor saved in afghanistan and the u.s. serviceman who died in
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the valiant rescue. >> officials confirm a member of navy s.e.a.l. team 6 the elite squad, that killed osama bin laden, died in the raid that freed the colorado man being held hostage. abc's muhammed lila has the latest. >> reporter: it happened under the cover of darkness. joint american and afghanistan special forces raid to rescue this man, dr. joseph, an american doctor working for colorado based charity morning star development. >> this is a team that has had lots of training on hostage rescues. until you get in there and do it you never know what you will find. >> reporter: here's how it went down. wednesday, joseph and two afghan colleagues were returning from a medical clinic when kidnapped at a checkpoint along the highway by armed militants. they were taken to a mountainous region, afghan captives were released, but joseph wasn't, spending three terrifying days in captivity. when u.s. intelligence showed joseph's life was in imminent danger, the military made its move. >> a hostage rescue mission is
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really, really dangerous and carries a high risk, the hostage him or herself could be injured or killed. you need some body at a high level to say i am authorizing this mission. >> reporter: knowing the risks the authorization came from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john allen. special forces landed by helicopter, setting off a fire fight, leaving several taliban fighters dead. joseph was air lifted to bagram air base, but the victory came at a price. the u.s. service member injured trying to rescue joseph, died of his wounds. the ultimate sacrifice to save the life of an american doctor who otherwise may have been killed. as a civilian hostage, joseph didn't have the same survival training or instincts as a soldier. in this case u.s. officials decided publicizing it could further endanger his safety and that is why it was kept under raps until the mission was over. her family confirmed that
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mexican-american singing superstar, jenni rivera died in a plane crash. the private jet went down early sunday morning after taking off from the mexican city of monterey. none of the seven people on board survived. the singer's brother was asked how he wanted her to be remembered. >> every which way we can, every which way. the good, the bad, the ugly, the short, the fat, the nice, everything about her was great. >> born and raised in long beach, rivera was one of the stars of the regional music known as grupero music. >> sad story. and a mother of five. >> quite a superstar twitter just blew up. you had people like ricky martden saying they were just shocked and what a loss this was because i think she sort of made history in the sense that she has sold out venues. >> she broke into a real male-dominated area of mexican
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folk music that didn't have any women superstars or not that many. she definitely broke a lot of ground in that regard. >> what's shocking to me, we hear stories of superstars dying in plane crashes. aliah, remember labamba. >> buddy holly. >> so many. it is odd. >> apparently the wreckage is so bad, even the wreckage isn't identifiable according to mexican transportation minister. >> that's right. she was on board with her makeup artist, her lawyer, two pilots as well. tragedy all around. >> yep. let's move on to this one, australian deejays behind the royal prank phone call that went horribly wrong. they are breaking their silence, interviews set to go later today australian tv. they will address the death threats and backlash from the phony phone call they made to a british hospital pretend to be queen elizabeth and prince charles asking to speak to kate
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middleton. the nurse who took the call, later committed suicide. the pairs' radio boss says they are completely shattered and have been undergoing intensive psychological counseling. yes, i know, i can tell, what you are going to say? >> i don't know how i feel about this. in the sense, they're shock jocks, what they do. i listen to steve harvey morning show, a lot of prank calls. it is funny. they didn't sound english. >> nobody -- something like this was going to happen. in retrospect. it is horrible. at the time it seems like what radio deejays do. >> it was a joke. >> right. >> apparently they're under criminal investigation. is that going too far here? >> the avenue of criminal investigation is they recorded a conversation and broadcast it without the knowledge of the person knowing about it. >> my understanding is they checked with their people before airing it. they checked with their internal
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legal department. >> one of the bad story. nobody was meant to get hurt. it happened. >> we'll keep on following it. dallas cowboys' defensive tackle josh brent is out of jail this morning after he posted a $500,000 bond. brent was arrested early saturday and charged with intoxication manslaughter. he was behind the wheel when his car flipped over and caught fire, killing his passenger, friend, and teammate, jerry brown. if he is convicted, brent faces up to 20 years in prison. most judges don't work on sundays, but many were busy yesterday in washington state. they were helping same-sex couples tie the knot on the first day gay weddings were legal in the state. more than 130 i dos were exchanged at city hall where five separate wedding chapels were set up to accommodate crowd. some opened at midnight and began marrying couples. from washington state to washington, d.c. and the first family was on hand for the sights and sounds of the season sunday.
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>> the obamas took part in the 31st annual christmas in washington celebration. >> should we release the elves? release the elves! come on down! >> come on. >> hey, elves. >> the elves were once patients at the children's national medical center. and took part in the event that raised money for the hospital. >> diana ross, and conan o'brien, and psy of gangnam style fame. were among the stars at the charity concert. >> gangnam style is everywhere. >> a little controversial because he has a past where he did anti-american songs. he still appeared. >> he still appeared. the upper plains and midwest digging out getting slammed by a powerful storm. >> parts of minnesota are buried under a foot and a half of snow. air travelers were thrown off course. this morning the roads are treacherous. more from abc meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: more than 150 flights canceled. 300 crashes on minnesota roads. and roads across western
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minnesota are shutting down due to blowing snow. what will likely be the biggest snowstorm in two years around the twin cities, dropping more than a foot and a half of snow in parts of the northern plains and western great lakes. look at these images from the slow moving, fargo, north dakota. the snow coming down an inch an hour at times. frozen in a sunday snowstorm in duluth, minnesota, too. and in iowa, these time-lapse video. blustery, super cold, much of their state now enveloped in a fresh coat of winter white. many places in the western great lakes and northern plains will easily end up with a foot or more of snow. that's not where the problems end. you have a blowing snow problem. up to 45 miles per hour as we get the workweek started. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> harsh stuff. right? >> yeah. >> brr, got colder looking at the video. santa claus coming to town. looks like he left his bulky red suit at the north pole. >> 700 runners, braved the
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temperature thousands in boston over the weekend for 13th annual santa speedo run. they strip down to skimpy, red, green trunks and bikinis to make their way through the one-mile course. >> my goodness. >> the santas weren't doing it just to be naughty though. they raised more than $250,000 for a local children's charity. >> all right. all right. not bad. >> some of them are in shape. >> yeah. buff santas, who knew. >> i was expecting something different. >> little jolly old santa. redneck reality. the new crop of reality shows starring everything but southern charm. a football prodgy gets one of the highest honors. he gets himself a new nickname in the process. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical. ld news now"
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♪ because i'm a redneck woman ♪ because i'm a redneck woman >> they're playing your song. >> i know. >> all right, fans of "the jersey shore" take some heart here. the show is ending, but mtv is not leaving you in the lurch. >> their new show "buck wild"
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coming soon, featuring a colorful group of young people, engaging in all sorts of crude acts and that already has some people seeing red. here is abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it's the latest mtv series creating waves. >> it's buck wild. >> reporter: they call it buck wild. others have dubbed it, redneck or appalachian jersey shore. not surprising since this new series of west virginia friends is the replacement for snooki and the rest of the gang from jersey shore. they got more than 15 minutes of fame. >> we'll play what's your jersey score? >> governor of new jersey? >> chris christie. >> reporter: this time it is trucks, trysts and tantrums. great tv? >> the white trash, redneck, jersey shore.
3:15 am
>> reporter: not according to the critics. >> what i saw in the promo reel was an orgy of young people with other and complete lack of any concern for their future. i was astonished. >> reporter: not even the critics shooting strongest criticism. joe manchin, the former governor and just re-elected senator of west virginia. >> i understand they took, four, five, six takes to get them to act as outrageously as they wanted to get it sensational. >> reporter: he is steaming. >> what i saw is not what i see in everyday life in west virginia. >> reporter: he fired off a letter to mtv, defending the dignity of his state and calling for changes. something chris christie tried in new jersey. >> mtv's "jersey shore" positive or negative for new jersey? >> negative. >> reporter: from mtv, nothing but support for buck wild. >> the kids have amazing, adventurous, carefree attitude. they live life, loud and proud.
3:16 am
we follow that adventure. >> reporter: shame says the senator from west virginia. >> is this what we are trying to promote for the sake of a dollar, tv ratings, this is what you say you want to look up to and want your children watching at night? >> reporter: so far mtv has not commented on the letter from senator joe manchin. david kerley, abc new, washington. >> same backlash with "jersey shore." it was a huge hit. huge success. >> i don't watch reality tv. it's not surprising. no matter what you pick, you show the worst of it all. there is my mullet, that's my high school pic. >> a good one. >> pretty good. >> you know the show is going to premiere -- the show is going to premiere january 3rd. think people will watch it. >> two weekly half-hour episode. 12 in all. >> the west virginia state film office refused to offer a
3:17 am
tax credit for the production saying it may display the state in a derogatory manner. >> all politician thousands have pushed it over the top to make it a wild hit. that's what happens when you come out against it. still to come, at the top of his game. >> the college quarterback easily wins this year's heisman trophy. but not just his playing skills that are making this achievement notable. we'll explain next. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continue after this from our abc
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♪ all ♪ all i do is win, win, win >> all right. the college gridiron phenom born johnny manziel, called johnny football, got a nickname upgrade. >> he is now called johnny heisman.
3:19 am
after being the first freshman in history to be awarded that coveted trophy. abc's david muir has his story. >> reporter: his real life story plays like one straight out of friday night lights. the boy from a small texas town who was passing that football when it was nearly as big as him. johnny manziel, barely 2 years old in this image, his parents, grandparents could hardly have predicted this. >> the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is -- johnny manziel. >> reporter: manziel making history. hearing his name, parents sitting right there, the first freshman to ever win the heisman. the quarterback with a nickname already. >> johnny football! >> reporter: johnny football called johnny heisman too. the kid from carville, texas, videos legendary on youtube. number 3 right there racing into the end zone. >> touchdown, number three, johnny manziel.
3:20 am
>> this is a moment i have dreamt about since i was a kid. running around the backyard throwing hail marys to my dad. >> his parents holding back tears. >> my mom, dad, mary and the family watching you mean the world to me. >> reporter: it was his grandparents he singled out. grandpa the coach and grandma who looked the other way. >> grandpa, all the times we used to play in the hallway and throw the ball until we couldn't any more. i love you with all my heart. you inspired me to play football. grandma, so sorry for all right thing we broke in the house. >> reporter: he set so many records, first freshman to throw for 3,000 and rush for 1,000. one of the biggest moments. an upset against alabama. the crowd back home back where it all started, erupting into cheers. for the little boy once holding that football, holding the heisman. >> to all my teammates back home, i love you with all my heart. >> reporter: david muir, abc new, new york. >> seems like a nice kid. >> likeable guy. i love when he thanked grandma for all the things he broke in his house.
3:21 am
>> my kids break stuff in my house all the time. >> i broke so many things in my house. never won the heisman though. >> i know. >> great. great. great. >> love his goals. next year he want to win the cotton bowl in january and he want to win the national title next year and then he wants to become the best football player in the entire world. >> he is well on his way. >> so far, 1 for 1. >> coming up. they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> one portland man thinks the ugly christmas sweaters are the most attractive things he has ever seen. ugly christmas sweaters are the most attractive things he has ever seen.
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♪ the season's upon us it's that time of year ♪ ♪ the season's upon us it's that time of year ♪ ♪ brandy and eggnog plenty of cheer ♪ >> brandy now. bring it on. finally this half-hour, he is no scrooge. a portland man didn't fine it easy to been the holiday mood. >> until he was looking for a ugly christmas sweater to wear to a party. now the sweaters are the gift that keeps on giving. our portland station reporter explains.
3:25 am
>> reporter: andrew hume has a room in his house full of colorful, festive sweaters. some just plain ugly. >> i would reminisce about my school teacher or somebody from church who would wear the gaudy sweaters. >> reporter: he is not collecting these pieces to be nostalgic. he is selling them to people who want to attend ugly sweater christmas parties. last year andrew tried to throw one himself but couldn't find a lot of sweaters to choose from. >> i am not doing this drive around for a week trying to find christmas sweaters. >> reporter: so this year andrew is ready. and wants to help you be prepared too. >> i opened the box. and i just loved this sweater. >> reporter: just pops out at you. >> it's got the holly leaf tassel for the zipper. a friend of mine's girlfriend is jewish. she was looking for a more chanukah style sweater. >> reporter: he started the site,
3:26 am
and bought these sweaters from a wholesale seller. each piece, a number. photo. >> zoom in. take a look at everything. >> reporter: and a caption. >> perfect for those cold mornings when sleeves are not your top priority. >> reporter: andrew has a couple hundred pieces. some recurring themes. we looked for ones couples could wear the a few combos, the cargo theme. the wreath theme. and really ugly christmas tree theme. andrew sold 25 sweaters and the site has only been up a week. he says giving others the joy of finding the perfect tacky look has made his holiday brighter. >> i have had bad years where i wasn't into christmas. this just turned that around. >> thanks to valley hearst of our portland affiliate. see something you like? >> yes, i have been to ugly sweater parties. they're hilarious. there, there, there. remember that, john? >> whose is uglier. maybe mine. >> maybe yours. are those cats? >> cats. >> that's awesome.
3:27 am
that's awesome. >> rats, cats. >> willis says they're rats. >> we'll take it. that's the news for this half-hour. follow us at facebook, >> and on twitter. twitter of course. i like to tweet. abc wnn, to the #wnnfans. coming up more from abc.
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this morning on "world news now" -- a new week, a new attempt to keep the country from plunging over the fiscal cliff. >> with time running out there are signs of possible progress in the attempt to head off a massive tax increase. it is monday, december 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning.
3:30 am
i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> i'm john muller, rob nelson has the morning off. we're going to find out what the president and house speaker boehner are saying after a face-to-face meeting over the fiscal cliff. also this half hour, hopes and prayers for nelson mandela. the human rights hero is in a south africa hospital this morning. also coming up, new hope in the fight against alzheimer's disease, experimental surgery to implant a kind of pacemaker for the brain is showing early success. >> an interesting one. >> yes. later, daytime smack down, wendy williams lets loose with some harsh words about beyonce. what the talk show host is saying about the singer coming up in "the skinny." >> that's never going to go well. talking badly about beyonce. a bad move. >> going after beyonce is a tough one. new signs of progress in efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff after a closed door meeting at the white house. >> more republicans are coming forward to say that the richest americans should pay more in taxes. here is abc's david kerley. >> reporter: for the first time in more than three weeks, a face-to-face meeting at the
3:31 am
white house, but no cameras as the president sat down with speaker john boehner. no details are being offered which some will see as good news. the co-creator of a debt reducing plan sees progress. >> any time you have two guys in there tangoing, you have a chance to get it done. >> reporter: before the talks some republicans were admitting the president will get a lot of what he wants. >> let's face it he does have the upper hand on taxes. you have to pass something to keep that from happening. >> reporter: why compromising words? the white house moderated some demands. the president says tax rates for the wealthy have to rise now word that the actual rate could be negotiable. maybe not all the way back to 39.6%. >> will i accept a tax increase as a part of a deal to actually solve our problems? yes. >> reporter: the problems according to republicans entitlements. a leading democrat embraced a way to cut medicare costs, it's called means testing. meaning those who make more would have to pay more for medicare. >> those of us with higher income in retirement should pay
3:32 am
more. that could be part of the solution. >> reporter: a two-man negotiation with the speaker feeling the heat from his right. "saturday night live" even suggested republicans are bullying boehner, even in the cafeteria. >> not a single member of his party willing to share his company. he didn't even have any milk to drink, because, well, tell them why, john? >> they had taken my milk and thrown it in the garbage. >> reporter: did they make progress? both sides are being very tight lipped. both the speaker's house and white house released the exact same statement word for word. they're both being very quiet. david kerley, abc news, the white house. one place americans can find a little financial relief right now at the gas pump. the most expensive year ever for gas. with the nationwide averaging hitting $4 a gallon last spring. but the average is now $3.35 a gallon. supplies are back up to prehurricane sandy levels. analysts say prices should be down to around $3.20 a gallon by
3:33 am
christmas. a member of the navy s.e.a.l. team six has been killed in a daring raid to free an american doctor from the taliban. dr. joseph was rescued early sunday in eastern afghanistan. dr. joseph, a medical adviser for colorado springs based morning star development, was rescued after intelligence showed he was in imminent danger of injury or even death. >> a hostage rescue mission is really, really dangerous and carries a very high risk that the hostage, him or herself could be injured or killed. so you need somebody at a very high level to say i am authorizing this mission. >> the doctor was not hurt, but one of the navy s.e.a.l.s in the raid died yesterday of his wounds. president obama praised the fallen warrior, saying he gave his life for his fellow american. former south african president nelson mandela is in the hospital this morning as people across that country and around the world send wishes to the anti-apartheid icon. mandela, who is 94 years old,
3:34 am
was admitted to a hospital in pretoria over the weekend for tests. there are reports his health is rapidly deteriorating. a spokesperson for the south african president says there is no cause for alarm. that is an icon of all icons. >> exactly. i think one of the reasons people are talking about this is because he really hasn't made any public appearances since 2010. remember he got that applause when he rode on the golf cart at a soccer stadium before final match of the world cup. but since then he has received visitors occasionally. >> hillary clinton was one of them. his resume unbelievable. became the first south african black president in 1994. spent 27 years in prison for leading the fight against apartheid. shared 1993 nobel peace prize, really just unbelievable. >> 94 years old. imagine that 27 years, some times in solitary confinement has certainly led to some health problems. >> remarkable he is living this long.
3:35 am
let's hope he has more years ahead of him. venezuelan president hugo chavez is dealing with a new health crisis. he has arrived in cuba for a third cancer surgery and acknowledged the seriousness of his health situation naming his vice president as choice to replace him if he can no longer lead the country. dallas cowboys defensive tackle josh brent is out of jail this morning after he posted a $500,000 bond. brent has been charged with intoxication manslaughter after crashing his car early saturday morning, leaving his passenger and friend and teammate jerry brown dead. brown was an expectant father who had just landed a spot on the cowboys' practice squad. >> such a sad story. >> what is unbelievable to me, that brent had a drunken driving arrest in 2009 when he played at the university of illinois team. >> spent 60 days behind bars for that. 60 days. >> first of all, that was three years ago. why does he have a license? >> when you are in the clink for
3:36 am
60 days i would imagine you would have a lot of time to think about that. >> you would think. hasn't learned his lesson. now driving drunk again. his teammate and friend, one of his good friends is dead. >> here is a lawyer question for you -- not really asking for sympathy or anything. his attorney is saying it is outrageous that they set bond at $500,000. >> he is lucky i wasn't the judge. >> half a billion -- half a million, excuse me. >> yeah. >> do you think that is unfair because he is a football player to make it so high? >> he is a person of means. so you have to have the incentive for him to come back to get the money. and you have got to sort of send a message. i have always as a lawyer believed in symbolism of sending a message to the folks in the community. >> that this behavior is unacceptable. >> all right. i will buy that. >> yeah. fierce storm that dumped more than a foot of snow from the dakotas to wisconsin has finally tapered off this morning.
3:37 am
icy road and whiteout conditions are being blamed for hundreds of traffic accidents in minnesota alone. more than 150 flights were canceled as the snow came down an inch an hour in some cities. now, bitter cold has settled in with temperatures plunging to the single digits and wind chills around 20 below zero. 20 below zero? >> unthinkable. >> my goodness. >> some hardy people out there. >> yes. here is your monday forecast. mix of rain and snow in northern new england. afternoon rain from boston to d.c. thunderstorms from the ohio valley to new orleans. snow in the northern rockies, scattered showers around seattle. >> mostly 40s in the northwest. just 11 degrees in fargo. 12 in the twin cities. dallas hits 48. 60s from new orleans up to boston. >> well, as jews around the world celebrate chanukah, the national menorah was lit not far from the white house. >> the festival of lights started saturday night and runs for eight days. jimmy carter attended the first menorah lighting in 1979.
3:38 am
>> see how big that is? >> that is quite a menorah. as it should be. it's our national one. >> that's right. coming up, a christmas coincidence. how a man married into the family of santa claus. >> a great story. want to see this one. but first, a devastating disease, now the same technology used to help heart patients, offering hope with people with alzheimer's. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex fast max liquid and caplet. mucinex fast max liquid and caplet. we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home.
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a promising new treatment for alzheimer's disease arrived in america. doctors have implanted a pacemaker-like device in the brain of a woman in baltimore. >> it has already proven to help patients in canada, giving them hope of keeping their memories alive. here is abc's john schifrin. >> reporter: a cure for alzheimer's disease, with heartbreaking mental decline and memory loss has long alluded doctors. but now a new surgical approach involving a pacemaker used to stimulate the brain is offering great hope. two of the first few surgeries in the u.s. performed at john hopkins by dr. anderson. >> we are extremely excited about the surgery, what we hope is we can improve the patient's function for an extended period of time much longer than otherwise they would have. >> reporter: experimental medications have so far failed
3:43 am
to significantly slow the debilitating disease which affects 5.4 million americans and is expected to jump to 16 million by 2050. but dr. anderson says the surgery has been extremely effective in canada where it has been performed six times on patients such as robert linton with early alzheimer's. >> if i can't remember something, if i just pause for one, two, three, seconds. it pops in. >> reporter: here is how it works, the pacemaker surgically implanted in the chest, wires are run under the skin to the skull, then deep into the brain, to deliver an electrical stimulation at a rate of 100 electrical impulses a second. >> what's exciting is our understanding of how memory works fits well with how the surgery might work. >> reporter: the device is used to fight parkinson's disease. for linton the doctor demonstrates the difference in his brain scans.
3:44 am
>> although the lights are out here there is some one home we are able to turn the brain back on. >> reporter: while the surgery to battle alzheimer's is still experimental, after four years, linton is driving his car, going to the gym, living a normal life. >> with the diagnosis of alzheimer's you don't know what the future is going to be. now i think maybe we have more of a future. >> reporter: it's important to note the surgery has not been approved by the fda for treatment of alzheimer's disease. because it has shown so much promise, 40 new patients with early stages of alzheimer's are expected to receive the implant over the next year. john schifrin, abc news, new york. >> this is significant. although -- >> encouraging. >> it really is. although the procedure only appeared to slow progression in people in the earliest stages of illness. let's face it with this disease anything is welcome. >> anything is good. >> exactly right. who knows. the wires run along the natural wires of the brain and generate tiny little electric impulses 130 times a second and stimulates the memory areas of the brain. >> which is really incredible. apparently this procedure is funded by nih, part of a
3:45 am
nationwide trial that is taking place. half of the patients in the trial will have their stimulators turned on two weeks after the surgery. get this, the rest will have stimulators turned on a year later. no one is going to know, patients and doctors when the simulation began. >> controlled experiments. they're necessary, but yet you hate to be the one. >> a year later. >> get it a year later. hopeful you. know, admitted to the pilot program. you don't get the good stuff. >> that's what i was thinking. >> that's how they decide it works or not. >> it's hopeful. >> absolutely. when we come back, bashing beyonce. >> blunt talking talk show host slams the singer with some fighting word. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after
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3:47 am
now it is time for "the skinny." one of my favorite parts of the show. >> bring it on. >> you know, wendy williams, sort of this controversial. >> straight talker. >> straight talker. now talking straight about beyonce. she is getting some, some fall back from it. take a listen to what she had to say though. then we can chat about it. >> i'm going to be watching this
3:48 am
documentary even if she doesn't introduce us to new stuff. fortunately, one of the tvs in our kitchen has closed-captioning. i will be able to understand what she says, you know, you know, beyonce can't talk. y'all. beyonce sound like she has a fifth grade education, she can't talk. excuse me, i said i am a fan. we have to call a spade a spade. >> that's what is interesting. she is known for being a straight talker. beyonce does have the documentary coming out. going to show behind the scenes views of her life with her baby blue ivy, business projects will air february 16th on hbo. beyonce's rep did not comment. and williams declined to comment. you know, i love beyonce. sometimes it is difficult to understand what she says. she's got that very -- i don't know there is something. >> i am not going there. you and wendy can go out on the limb. i am staying safe right over here.
3:49 am
>> she does have a certain drawl that makes a little difficult to understand. i love you beyonce. i love you beyonce. >> we love beyonce. >> we do. williams calls it like she sees them. like i do. >> you got to hand it to her if she is going to dish it out. dish it out to anybody. she can take it too. >> she can take it? >> i worked with wendy when she did her radio show. one of her legal eagles. i dished it to her. she could take it. hey. let's talk about the lapd apologizing to the family of notorious b.i.g., aka, christopher wallace. for failing to warn them about the planned release of his autopsy report that came more than 15 years after he died in the drive-by shooting. detectives said they intended to notify the rapper's family. the report was released prematurely due to an administrative error. they said that in a statement. in case you are wondering the 23-page report, revealed the rapper was hit by four bullets leaving a music industry event
3:50 am
in march of '97. one hit his heart, left lung and colon and caused his death. attorney for the rapper's family complained friday they weren't given any notice and the report would be released and criticized. not closing one of the highest profile cases the los angeles police department ever had. >> i don't like this. i don't like this. this is a man who died violently, has children, has a mother. you are going to release his autopsy. they're so graphic anyone who has ever seen one. without telling the family. that is a shame on you moment. >> you know they will be besieged by cameras and reporters and they need to be prepared. >> awful. shame on you moment. big mistake. this is some good news. switching gears. jennifer nettles of sugarland welcomes a baby boy. oh, my goodness. a new mom. the little guy's name makes him sound so grownup. check out his name -- magnus hamilton miller. >> magnus, a macho man. some strong man from
3:51 am
scandinavia. >> pretty cool. >> pretty cool, indeed. >> how much time? >> we have time for the last story. >> kristen stewart will co-star in a comedy with ben affleck. >> i don't see stewart in a comedy. she seems so much so not funny to me. do i want to look at her and laugh? >> she can confirm the rumor, according to "huffington post." she says, it's a comedy. i'm excited about it. we start shooting in april. >> i am not excited. she is not funny. >> maybe she will turn it around. be she will turn it around. [ male announcer ] use nyquil d...
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3:55 am
close to the child's dream come true when he learned santa was about to become his father-in-law. check it out. >> anybody here want a snowball fight. >> reporter: he's been donning the red suit and helping out old st. nick for more than a decade. >> what would you look for christmas? >> electric guitar. >> reporter: elmer and his christmas spirit fill the hearts of thousands of children dreaming of christmas morning. >> cheese. >> what's most rewarding to me is how unique the children are when they're in this magic moment of believing in santa claus. >> ho-ho-ho. >> reporter: after all that time, a really magic moment. one of the children, elmer held 12 years ago is now his own son-in-law. >> it was unique. especially at first. >> reporter: it was all discovered by accident when chris berg got engaged to elmer's daughter liz. chris' mother was pulling out photos for a scrapbook wedding gift when she looked at santa something clicked or in this
3:56 am
case, jingled. >> she gave me a call and said, i'm looking at an old santa picture and it kind of looks like liz's dad elmer. >> i immediately knew it was my dad. i remember going to the mall that year and taking a picture with him. >> reporter: the year was 1999, first time elmer worked at maplewood mall in minneapolis. >> my parents wanted a picture with my sister and i. >> reporter: chris can't remember what he asked for that year. >> i think at his age he might have been asking me for a girlfriend. >> reporter: and he got it, 12 years later. >> definitely a christmas miracle. >> just warmed your heart to see how things are connected. i think my dad picked him. >> is that a crazy weird coincidence. >> that's hilarious. >> we were just talking about the kids being scared of the mall santa. >> my daughter was crying. >> they're creepy. >> a stranger. >> my little girl hates. does not like the whole santa mall thing. we don't do it anymore. >> you don't do it anymore? >> can't have them creeped out
3:57 am
by santa. >> my daughter the first few years was scared. she learned to love it. there you go. your daughter, not so much. >> i haven't learned to love it. >> all right. see you in a little bit. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades
3:58 am
3:59 am
making news many america this morning -- a death on the navy's elite s.e.a.l. team six. >> the operative died on a mission to save a doctor in afghanistan. mum's the word after president obama and house speaker john boehner get together to discuss the fiscal

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